Managed by the WWF the nature reserve of Capo Rama is rich in Mediterranean vegetation and small animals and insects (birds, lizards, butterflies etc.) and it is really worth of a visit if you stay few days in Cinisi or Terrasini.

You can reach it on foot or via car entering the reserve from Calarossa (there are signs along the way). If you like to walk, the best way to explore it is to reach the entrance of the "sentiero numero 3" (path no.3) which is not very easy to find because the wooden sign is quite small and usually hidden behind bushes. Follow the direction to the Sea Club (aroud 1.5 miles from Terrasini city centre) in Via Calarossa and then walk a bit more uphill with the sea on your right side (from the road you will see the rocky island which reminds of a kind of dragon). Just after the curve and before the entrance of a residence (Calarossa 1) one the right side it is possible to access the path. After few metres there's a gate in recycled wood, please close it after your passage because it is meant for stopping cows. Then it is easy to follow the path (see pictures) to the watch tower of Capo Rama. Enjoy your walk! If you like to experience it with a guided tour contact us by email