The coastal towers which is still possible to see in Sicily are part of a defensive system of sighting and communication along the coast of the Kingdom of Sicily.

Cinisi and Terrasini area is rich both of ruined and well preserved towers

La Torre Molinazzo

It i situated in the coast of Terrasini, between the towers Alba and Orsa tower. The tower has a classic form (Squared Plant). Inside there is a single room with a vault roof in tuff. It is provided with entrance door and window in two niches, a fireplace with stone cutting panes. Embedded in the wall there is a clay pipe for channeling rainwater into the round cistern. It served as a watchtower and was armed with artillery and three "torrari" garrison.

The Spannocchi in the 1578 report states that it was necessary to raise the tower and the work of transformation and elevation immediately started. In 1584 it was almost finished.


The Tonnara dell'Orsa

Close to the airport Falcone-Borsellino stands the Tonnara Orsa. In Sicily since the age Greek and Roman, as is attested, has existed tuna fishing. The oldest concession, of which there are documents, to implant a Tonnara in Cinisi marina is one made by King Louis of Sicily March 19, 1344 to Corrado de Castellis.

This trap was called "Bear." There are many fanciful claims about the origin of matter, but it seems more credible than the scholar, Jerome Caracausi, who believes that the name derives from the female name "Bear."

On 15 May 1491 the monastery of San Martin entrusted the management of the Tonnara to Palermo Matteo La Chimia, but perhaps for the logistics location, activity proved fruitless, so that the Marquis of Villabianca, nobleman from Palermo, dubbed him "the most sterile Tonnara in Sicily "

Despite the low productivity, in 1569 the trap was enlarged and strengthened. It has been built a beam with rooms, warehouses and a tower equipped with artillery pieces.

Torre Pozzillo

Interesting to visit is also the Pozzillo tower, a defense tower that was part of the Coastal Towers of Sicily system. Situated in a bay it was completed in 1662, when the Deputation of the Kingdom appoints the first garrison.

This tower is the classic quibble and on two floors: the basement is part of the slope, the upper floor is leaded with the edges in tuff; The two plans are interrupted by a shaped string course.

It is accessed through an opening on the south side. The ground floor, renovated in the '70s, has concrete reinforcements and originally used as a cistern.

The upper floor is divided into three sections, the largest of which are accessible to the tank, the fireplace, the gateway to the tower and a window, a built-in and lounge access to the terrace. The terrace is free and parapet walls shoulder, maybe removed during the restoration of the '70s.