No matter what you need, a creamy cappuccino, a truly sicilian gelato, a cold beer or simply a free wifi area, Margaret Cafe is the best spot in Terrasini.

Margaret is probably the youngest and more welcoming cafe-bar owner in Terrasini and you can feel it when you drop in.

At the end of 2013 she rang Lycia and Gaia, two sisters founders of Lyga design a small firm devoted to architecture, interior design, visual communication. She told them: "I don't know exaclty what I want but I want something mine, something different..."

In less than one month, Lyga Design creative thinking and expertise in scouring local flea markets plus enthusiasm and great manual skills of Margaret's family transformed the old bar in a cozy place based on ecodesign, re-use and recycling. From lamps made out of cappuccino cups to wooden hangers for clothes turned into chandeliers everything there has its own story that margaret wil be happy to tell you.