The guided tour, lead by an activist of a local non-profit orgaization, will retrace the history of Corleone from the late nineteenth century. It runs through the city center and includes the “Laboratory of Legality”. Here you can admire the works of the Sicilian painter Gaetano Porcasi, which focus on the history of the Mafia and the Anti-mafia movement.

MEETING: at 10 am - Piazza Falcone e Borsellino


If you want to go to Corleone by bus, you have to go on the website Click on Linee e orari (botton up in the middle) and put Palermo in the box "località di partenza" and Corleone in the box "località di arrivo", then insert the date and the time below.
Let us know if you manage to do it! Otherwise come to Micro and we will help you.

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