The Cinisara cow is a Sicilian native breed. It is at ease on steep and rocky pastures, and seeing a herd climbing over seemingly impossible gradients is a real show. The Cinisara Black has a muscular and low-fat structure, which makes for delicious meat and very rich milk. This ancient breed has been mentioned in documents back to the year 1200, unfortunately, it is now at risk of extinction. Some herds thrive thanks to the commitment and passion of some breeders and cheese makers in the area of Cinisi, a small village in the province of Palermo, near the Falcone and Borsellino airport. Among those engaged in the protection of the Cinisara cow, is La Vecchia Mannara, which has bred the Cinsara for several generations, with competence and dedication.


The dairy is now in the hands of Vincenzo who has carried on his father's work, maintaining the traditional breeding and production techniques while also modernizing them. Vincenzo is a modern Sicilian "cowboy", in love with his cows and the excellent cheese they produce, passionate about horses (he teaches riding and is an equestrian circus master). We think you should meet him, he will tell you his story and that of his land.


This tale will also let you know how to make typical Sicilian cheese, understand how to recognize a quality cheese and also to understand how important, useful and beautiful it is to promote the old trades. Working in a traditional way has allowed Vincenzo to live in and protect the Sicilian countryside and mountains, which today are at risk of being abandoned. Vincenzo will show you his dairy, his cows and invite you to participate in making cheese. After all the “hard work”, you can sit in the shade of the patio and enjoy tasting five different kinds of typical cheese, all accompanied by a glass of good wine or soft drink, and a fragrant muffoletta, the typical local bread.


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