You will walk along a route of sites that are symbolic in the fight against the Mafia and you will discover how the city is now rebelling against the pizzo, the protection money the mafia demands.


The tour includes La Piazza della Memoria (Memorial for the judges killed by the mafia), il Capo market, the Cathedral, the Police Headquarters and more, all of which will give us a picture of the mafia phenomenon and the actions of society in the attempt to combat it. It also incorporates shop and business owners who have said no to the pizzo and signed up to the Addiopizzo campaign, for example the Emporio Pizzofree, a store that only sells pizzo-free products including souvenirs. Another example is the restaurant Antica Focacceria San Francesco, which serves typical Palermitan food and is one of the cities oldest restaurants, but it also represents the fight against the mafia, having publicly reported their extortionists to the police.



  • This is not a private tour and it is available only on Saturday morning.

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