The Kalsa district has a special charm due to various historical, artistic and socio-anthropological reasons. Within it, more than ten centuries of Palermo's history coexist in harmony. Monuments, squares, theatres, palaces and museums tell us of a "chosen" district, firstly by the Arabs who made it their base and political site, then the Jewish, followed by the Sicilian aristocracy and the Spanish Viceroys.


In this walking tour, we will see the Norman and Baroque churches, the Gothic-Catalan noble palaces, and will be able to admire the exposed as well as the hidden works of art. We will pass through the streets of the Spanish Inquisition and tell stories of the Sicilian people who lived in solidarity during the Bourbon revolutions. Alongside so much vibrant beauty, we will also see the skeletons from the aftermath of the World War II bombardments.


Walking around the Kalsa district is much more than just walking through historical epochs and artistic movements; it’s an opportunity to understand what it has been and what it continues to be, in the dynamism of a society that adapts itself and reinvents itself through ever-changing forms.

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