The "Four Corners" divide ancient Palermo into four districts. It is not easy for tourists to orientate themselves and it is especially difficult to tell the difference between each of the parts of this great historical center. On this tour we will be visiting these four areas - Capo, Ballarò, Kalsa and Vucciria - offering tourists an opportunity not only to appreciate the city and its most important monuments but also to reach and experience the less well-known cultural areas often not seen with traditional tours.


The idea is to explain the different identities of the four oldest districts in Palermo: The Capo with its typically working-class character, the Kalsa and the bad behavior of its inhabitants, Ballaró and its cultural integration, and Vucciria with its reflection of a decadence always “in progress”. What’s more, we offer an urbanistic-sociological view of a city that has been overlapping itself for more than 2000 years. As the city has changed, it has been built, destroyed, reused and replaced in different ages and under different dominations.

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