Traditional Sicilian shepherds still make cheese the way their ancestors did (the process they use was already described in Homer’s Odyssey in the 8th century B.C.!). They live at the pace of nature, seasons and animal life.
It includes a short hike, an encounter with a shepherd during the cheese making process, cheese tasting of course and warm ricotta served directly from the pot.
It is definitely a special gastronomic experience and a great opportunity to spend some time with locals.

From July to November, the visit needs to be included into a full day tour of the Madonie, as the shepherds still do the transhumance and move to the mountains in the hot season.
In this case, the tour includes stops in local villages and in the most beautiful mountain sitescheese and ricotta tasting as well as lunch at the shepherd's.

Difficulty level: Easy

Duration: About 8 hours

What to bring: Sport shoes, clothes suitable to the weather conditions

Departure from Castelbuono at 8.30 am.

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