A pilgrimage through the natural reserve of Capo Gallo which, crossing the "Holy Way", a path full of devotional traces, will take us from the ugliness of the unauthorised construction to the individual masterpiece of a "worker of the God". The sanctuary, a former disused observatory of the forest ranger, is a place full of spirituality and mystery that a single man has transformed, in 16 years of solitary and daily work and with the poorest materials, from an abandoned building to a majestic temple. The temple of Isravele is simply one of the most spiritual and unmissable places in the city.


This is an unusual tour that combines the adventure of trekking, which will allow you to enjoy a very suggestive view of the city, and the aesthetic and spiritual experience. The visit is also an opportunity to discover the outsider art, an art that is hidden from most because it is made by "non-artists" who work for years in solitude, driven to create a necessary and imperative inspiration.



  • To get to the sanctuary there is a walk of about 1,5 h uphill.
  • The visitors should have comfortable clothing and shoes and a backpack with water.


Prices pp:  1 pax €120, 2 pax €60, 3-5 pax €40, 6-9 pax €35, > 10 €20

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