This tour begins from Piazza Marina whose stories tell about the origin and the name of the city (“Panormos”, “all harbour”) and the transformations in the centuries of the Palermo landing. Porta Felice (one of the old gates) and the Mura delle Cattive (ancient walls) illustrate the history of the “seaside walk” then, proceeding up to Sant’Erasmo, where the new Ecomuseum “Mare Memoria Viva” is settled, we stop to see the violent transformation of this coastline.

The bike tour continues toward southeast, telling the stories of the Florios through the places of their entrepreneurial and cultural adventure in Palermo passing from the Bourbon Arsenal, the Shipyards, and the fishing villages of this part of the coast. In these places we recall the productive role of these villages and their heritage suspended among the splendour of the Art Nouveau age and the work related to the production of tuna.
The tour ends in Mondello, where the Art Nouveau villas and the white beach tell us about the dream of the Twenties to found a city-garden for leisure time and bathing.
  • Maximum 8 bikes available to tourists
Prices pp: 2 -4 pp €48.80,  5- 7 pp €43, 8-10 pp €36.60 (bike included)

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