My family has the sea in its DNA. My uncles were ship commanders, as my grandfather and my great-grandfather. My great-great grandfather was a sailor. My family history interlinks with the history of this village: the grandfather of aunt Lina was the owner of a big piece of Gallo mountain, my grandfather Peppino Denaro was the Mayor’s representative and a dialectal poet.


During our walk I will help you to discover a Mondello that is not only huts for swimmers and sun creams. You will see historical sail circles, numerous and magnificent Art Nouveau villas, you will get to know old beach games, sumptuous gardens and plants. At the end of our trip I'll welcome you to Villa Denaro where I grew up and where I currently live. There I tell you about the time when uncle Ino gave birth to a baby in the middle of the sea and about the incredible sinking of the “our” ship, the so-called Nuova Ustica.


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