The tour will explore the city from the ancient port of Cala, through the district of Kalsa, up to the eighteenth-century Villa Giulia and will conclude at the Ecomuseo Mare Memoria Viva, whose multimedial and interactive exhibition shows the degradation of the coast and its slow destruction.


Cala, Kalsa, Foro Italico, the Marina, are the places that tell, in their cyclical change, the ups and downs, the incomprehensible stories of the connection between Palermo and its sea. Centuries of history and architecture are disclosed in these districts telling stories of florid and happy ages, commercial loggias, noble streets and mansions, baroque caskets and public villas, wide squares and fishermen villages.

The walk ideally fallows a temporal route that goes from the city’s foundation up to today. Starting from the Cala, the ancient harbour of the city, it proceeds toward Piazza Marina, the Arab district called Kalsa and its Baroque churches, the so called Foro Italico and Villa Giulia and it finally arrives, after crossing the Sant’Erasmo plan, to the Ecomuseum Mare Memoria Viva. The Ecomuseum tells, thanks to its multimedia and interactive language, the life of the fishing villages and the events which caused the degradation of the coast, its slow destruction and the progressive leaving of the city from its sea.


Prices pp: 2 - 4 pax: €30 plus vat, 5 -7 pax: €25 plus vat, 8 -14 pax: €20 plus vat

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