The traditional Sicilian cooking class lasts about 4 hours and includes lunch (or dinner) with food prepared during the course. If the preparation of food is preceded by shopping in one of the picturesque markets of Palermo (Ballarò, Capo or Vucciria) the course will last about 6 hours.


The course is held in a beautiful house or in a beautiful restaurant in the historic center, which will give you the opportunity to get to know Palermo up close. The ingredients, and everything else necessary, are chosen according to the season so it is important to let us know if there are special requests, intolerances or allergies.


You can choose between:

  • a classic cooking class (an appetizer, a main course, a traditional dessert);
  • a course on Sicilian street food (crocchè or cazzilli, focaccine, panelle, rascature and mini spiedini, arancine, pastele di broccoli e carciofi etc.);
  • a course on typical sweets (cassata (one lesson), cannoli, pignoccata, almond or pistachio biscuits (three recipes in one lesson)).


Short description of some of the meals on offer:

- Panelle e Crocchè o “Cazzilli”: one of the most popular Sicilian snacks, they are thin sheets of chickpea flour fried in a deep oil bath. They are normally served together with “Crocchè”, (also known as “Cazzilli”, which in Italian makes reference to their vague phallic shape) which are made from boiled potatoes.
- Caponata Siciliana: although today it is normally a vegetable-based recipe, it seems that the basic ingredient of the original version of the dish was actually a fish known as “capone”, from which “Caponata” took its name.
- Sarde Allinguate: Many traditional Sicilian dishes reflect the heritage of the many different people that ruled over the island throughout its history. The “Sarda” fish (pilchard) is cut open and boned in such a way as to resemble a flatfish (sogliola in Italian). Since the latter was referred to as “lenguado” by Spanish aristocrats, sarda fishes prepared by this technique became known as “sarde allinguate” or “sarde a sogliola”.


  • There is an addition of  €15 to the prices per person for a 6-hour course.



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