From the Borgo Vecchio Factory, a social project developed by a crowd-funding campaign with the purpose to redevelop the slum, to many other projects that involve many famous street artists. The palermitan urban scene is going through many exiting changes.

This is an original street art tour, which was established to showcase a vibrant creativity previously unknown to people and a new way of looking at the city.

We will see a huge range of amazing artwork as we walk through the typical narrow streets of Palermo’s main neighbourhoods where old and new are nicely combined.

Street art by nature constantly changes, which in turn, means that our tours also change and evolve. This guarantees that a tour with us will never be boring. The tour starts near the harbour and finishes in Piazza Magione.

(min 2 pax): 2 pax €80pp, 3-5 pax €56pp, 6-9 pax €48pp, 10-20 pax €36pp, >20 €20 pp

contact us for further information and booking!